Philosophy Cartoons

Humor meets contemporary analytic philosophy

About January 17, 2009


I am an undergraduate philosophy student and web designer, hoping to go on to become a graduate philosophy student and eventually, a teacher of undergraduate philosophy students.


Philosophy Cartoons takes webcomics collected from around the web and explains in detail the philosophical content within the humor.


PC updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at midnight, PST.


I get my base content from my favorite webcomics. See my links section and go read them – I promise you will laugh. Someday, I may even draw my own comic, (I say as I’m laughing at my deplorable art skills.) The philosophy comes from a variety of sources. Most of it comes from what I remember from my education. I’ve studied a variety of different fields of philosophy and I have a pretty good memory. Sometimes I’ll look up a topic for a refresher course before I post on it. See the links section for some good resources to this effect.


I believe that everybody can benefit from learning a little philosophy. Furthermore, I believe that everybody already is a philosopher. YOU have a philosophy, whether you know it or not. By learning more about what is entailed by various philosophical theories, you can learn more about yourself. And maybe next time you’re in an argument with someone, you can bust out some sweet philosophical jargon and score an automatic WIN.

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